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Manpower Sourcing

Manpower Services   Equipped with a well-maintained database of resumes and possessing a team of high-end professionals, we have carved…
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Managed IT Services

Custom Application Development Though there are packaged solutions and softwares available in the market, always they do not suit your…
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Infrastructure Management

PKT provides consulting and support services projects for small, medium sized and Corporate companies with Broad range of capabilities to deliver solutions that…
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Quality Inspection

Our expert team also do product quality inspection on behalf of client. It includes sample or one by one inspection as…
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After manufacturing, Our team help to do necessary documentation and ship product to consignee on preferred location. If you import form Rajasthan by yourself, you…
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Our Product Categories

We have outsourced wide range of these product categories accross globe

We offer "Best in Class" services

Free & Efficient Service

We will help you to source suppliers in Rajasthan and it’s totally free with us. You will get the best price from supplier in less than 5 working days.

1 vs 1 Service

We have sourcing specialists who has years of experiences in their segment. They will help you to find manufacturers, follow up production, and handle everything until you get all products.

Small Business Friendly

Sourcing companies usually serve experienced importers, but we dedicate to help small business as well. our team will support you here in Rajasthan.

E-Commerce Solution

We also support e-commerce sellers and offer complete solution including product labels, packaging, free product photos and more. 

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Why Join Us

We take our clients seriously, even their orders are small, because we believe in long term relationship. We will help you to get best quality product through our quality inspection services. If you still receive defect products then will help you to get best compensation to reduce your loss.
We take product quality seriously for our clients. We check higher percentage than 3rd party inspection companies. We also offer full inspection for reduce defect rate to zero.
We help our clients get good product price which is one of keypoints to make our clients competitive in market. Some companies offer low service fee to attract new clients, but quote expensive product price. We are open and encourage our clients to do product price comparison, to ensure they are always getting competitive quote from us.
Our company has own professional team who has sourcing experiences for wide range of products. It helps our client to get variety of products with quality and competitive price. We will also to get customize product as per our customer requirement.
For supporting large scaled or fast growing companies, we can offer many extra services like assigning extended people team for support, credit payment after receive goods, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sourcing companies or agents help companies to locate source of products and services at low cost with certain qualities and attributes
Sourcing agents help you locate the products or the supplier you need for the products from your chosen market. If you've planned to buy any product, you need to narrate your requirements to the sourcing agent. The agent will search the market of your desired location for manufacturers that can cater to your needs. When they locate such a manufacturer or manufacturers, they will contact you so that you may choose any one that fits your requirements. After the selection is made, the sourcing agent will help you negotiate in terms of the primary elements of the supply. It can be working hours, quality, pricing, etc. The sourcing agent can also assist in ensuring the safe delivery of the prepared product by all standards.
It is easy to search an agent on google, but get a reliable sourcing agent is a hard work. First, you need to search on google and collect several agent, send inquiry to them, put a small order to test all service quality of them. In last, you have 2 to 3 sourcing agent in hand, and leave you two middle order to each of them, then compare again. It is not about if the team of the agent, It is more about how your agent care about you and your business.