Custom Application Development

Though there are packaged solutions and softwares available in the market, always they do not suit your specific need. PKT can custom build the software as per your specifications which is efficient and delivered in a agile way.


  • Highly demanding and ever evolving business and technology requirements.


PKT Proposition

  • A viable customised application that help organisations address functional gaps and achieve business goals effectively with agility
  • Scalable and Extensible architectures for the applications


Business Value

  • Provides a better flexibility to enhance growth


Application Modernization

We provide a roadmap to completely transform your legacy applications to newer or next level technologies and architectures which helps in mitigating costs and the risks associated with the legacy applications.


  • Non-Strategic technologies and more importantly shortage of skills
  • Unsupported technologies, which poses huge risk for maintaining the application
  • Integration level issues
  • Time and cost of introducing new products or services due to regulatory or compliance issues
  • Redundancies in application portfolio across business functions and technologies
  • Overall Increased TCO


PKT Proposition

As every customer will have their different problems so we have devised services to help at any stage:

  • Assessment
  • Planning
  • Strategy Definition
  • Execution
  • Implementation
  • Post Implementation Support

Business Value

  • Overall reduction in TCO
  • Ease of Integration
  • Departure from non-strategic and unsupported technologies
  • A modernised portfolio of application
  • More time to focus on Strategic initiatives
  • More importantly continuing with the critical business processes
  • Overall simplification and standardisation


Application Maintenance & Support

With benefits of facilitating business functions, and collaboration for making proactive business decisions, increased use of information technology brings the difficulty of managing support and maintenance for enterprise applications.

Why Application Maintenance and Support Services?

Ongoing support, maintenance and enhancement of an organization’s products and applications are challenges that every organization faces as its business requirements evolve.

Managed services for comprehensive maintenance and support services enable clients in the small and medium enterprises to economically manage complex application portfolios. Some of the benefits of outsourcing application maintenance and support are:

  • Lower recurring cost of maintaining existing applications
  • Improved quality and consistent services levels
  • Lower risk of downtime
  • Greater end-user satisfaction

PKT benefits:

Primary Key Tech provides cost-effective and dependable application maintenance and support services to customers. Its expertise spans Microsoft Technologies, J2EE, Java, Oracle, SAP, as well as other platforms, databases, languages, software, and enterprise applications.

PKT in-depth understanding of how technology can be used to facilitate your company’s business processes, and its extensive industry/domain expertise, allow you to get the most out of your IT investments by reducing your cost of maintenance and support for your application portfolio.


System Integration

As part of system integration, PKT will help you integrating new or existing applications to create a more simplified, streamlined and standardised IT eco-system. In the world of Service-Oriented Architecture(SOA) PKT offers a robust SOA strategy to solve mission-critical business issues and ensure process optimisation.